For years I’ve had wedding photographs hanging in my

Looking at your photos is just as important taking them

## ## I also decided to place a renewed emphasis on landscape photography. For years I’ve had wedding photographs hanging in my living room. It was a way to show work to couples considering me as their photographer. But today, virtually no one visits me to see my work. They see it online instead.

That gave me some motivation to consider something different for the living room, and I spent the last few weeks pouring through my archive looking for photographs that might be a nice change of pace.

There is one thing about printing and hanging work that is not lost on me. After years of staring at photos of wedding couples on my walls, photographs should stand the test of time. If they don’t, then like me, you’re kinda stuck with them for a while.

And that’s the point of this column. Most people never think twice after viewing a pretty picture. But professional photographers know better. Some pictures will last while others will fade away.

For the last few weeks, I’ve sat with these landscapes that I’m sharing with you here.

I’ve printed them and I pick them up when I have moment, taking a second or a third or fourth to look a printed photograph on display in your home is always worth the time.

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